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Dr. Sunita Punjabi, Your Brain Coach

Sunita Punjabi, PhD, the Brain Coach, works with individuals and organizations and specializes in the fields of neuro-science concepts, i.e. neuroplasticity, neuro-feedback, surplus reality and Mindful Psychology to create useful strategies for living.

Specializing in the science of neuro - plasticity and biofeedback, Dr. Sunita is able to assist individuals and groups achieve new levels of mental and physical performance. She is focused on addressing the cause of the challenges that individuals face to create solutions that last and are sustainable. Dr. Sunita is famous for using the latest research in these fields to help the individual to create a life that has a purpose and calling. For organizations, she assists to create a company that is purpose driven.

Dr. Punjabi was born in Bombay, India and raised in the United States. She is a Certified Executive Coach (CEC), has a Masters in Counseling from UTSA and is completing her Doctorate in Psychology with the University of Chicago.

By combining her Eastern culture and philosophy with modern day scientific breakthroughs, Dr. Sunita provides fun and informative live workshops, informative talks and webinars. Her goal with individuals and organizations is to liberate the “greatness” inherent in all human beings so that it is easy to create a life by design.

•Education: PhD in Psychology, Master’s in Counseling and a certified Life Coach.

•Instructor for Financial Literacy, organizational transformation, individual transformation to include children

•Group Facilitator

•Keynote speaker

•Conducts private group and individual coaching

•Expert in Neurofeedback using neuro-integration technology (Brain Training)

•Research extends into the areas of Career Development, Organizational Psychology, and the emerging field of neuroplasticity.

The combination of education and real-world experience has allowed Sunita to bring a higher quality of coaching surpassing most other instructors.

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