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Dr. Sunita Punjabi PhD (abd) (the Brain Coach) leverages scientifically validated programs and assessments (brain mapping- qEEG, psychological assessments, cognitive performance evaluations) to maximize and extend brain performance, increase brain resilience and improve brain regeneration for people of all ages and conditions.

Utilizing advanced technologies based in the science of neuroplasticity, ontology, psychology and quantum physics, Dr. Sunita uses computers and brain based coaching programs to stimulate, train and enhance the brain. In the process, the client experiences living their lives “by design”, instead of living life as a reaction to circumstances. Daily activities of life become meaningful and motivating.


A type of biofeedback that uses real time displays of electroencephalography or functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to illustrate brain activity, often with a goal of controlling central nervous system activity. Sensors are placed on top of the scalp to measure activity, with measurements displayed using video displays or sound. Neurofeedback has proven to be an effective intervention for ADHD and epilepsy, and recent studies report the effectiveness of the technique for the treatment of autism, migraine headaches, insomnia, anxiety, and substance abuse, TBI. Neurofeedback has also been used in the process of gaining greater awareness of many physiological functions primarily using instruments that provide information on the activity of those same systems, with a goal of being able to manipulate them at will. You may see benefits in the processes that control brainwaves, muscle tone, skin conductance, heart rate and pain perception.

Neurofeedback may be used to improve health, performance, and the physiological changes, which often occur in conjunction with changes to thoughts, emotions, and behavior. Eventually with guidance, these changes may be maintained without the use of extra equipment.

Cognitive Transformation

With the help from Dr. Sunita Punjabi you can reevaluate past experiences from one that was primarily traumatic or threatening to one that is growth-promoting. Identifying your "limiting beliefs," and overcoming them. These beliefs are the traps our brains engage in and we do not know it! We get trapped into repeating the mistakes of our past. Our way of thinking produces the results we see in our lives. But do you notice that no matter how much you try and change your thinking, you only get slighter better results than you had before? This is all a part of the cognitive transformation.

Learn the neuroscience of finding new solutions for your life’s challenges. Through simple methods you can move your life in new directions that align with your individual talents and skills.

Brain Based Individual Coaching

For Individuals & Organizations

Helping people to create a ‘Life of Purpose,” instead of living a life as a reaction, is at the heart of our practice. Utilizing a unique methodology, the Brain Coach coaches clients through the “rewiring” process that is central to fighting the brain’s natural tendency to react to past programming. Once on the path to creating a ‘Life by Design,” clients and organizations start to experience heightened focus, increased performance, productivity and most of all open to possibility.

Executive Coaching and Career Guidance

As an individual or as an organization, performance enhancement can give you the “edge” needed as you grow yourself or your organization. Performance enhancement is like life coaching but with a specific aim of performance. You will be taught to use proven strategic intervention techniques based on neuroscience. Neuro integration and using a Neurofeedback machine may be used to enhance progress.

Do you crave more fulfillment in your work? Through specially created interviews and assessments, you can get these questions answered. You have a purpose and it is unique to you. Finding your purpose will alert you of specific talents that are innate to you and ways to use them in your current profession or this awareness can guide your next career move.

Family/Couples/Individual Coaching

As a board-certified Life Coach Sunita Punjabi offers personalized training to guide you through every step of the way whether you are dealing with a life challenge or just want to take your life, family life or love life to the next level.

Drama Therapy

Drama Therapy is where we can cause an immediate rewiring of a previous experience in a safe setting. The ultimate benefit is that we experience life differently and we begin to experience life as we would like to see it.

Effective Coaching Services

Organizational Coaching/Corporate Group Sessions


Groups of individuals with a common goal are coordinated in a systematic approach to problem solving, discovery, and personal development. Group coaching can help you to condense time frames for faster learning and transformation.

            Retreats: intense training where participants learn how to find purpose and live a life full of meaning, able to reach goals never imagined.


Performance Enhancement- Personal/Corporate

Living a life by design

As an individual or as an organization, performance enhancement can give you the “edge” needed as you grow yourself or your organization. Performance enhancement is similar to life coaching but with a specific aim of performance. You will be taught to use proven strategic intervention techniques based on neuroscience. The methods use Neuro integration to maximize results. 

Career Guidance

Get the Most out of Life

Have you ever wondered if your job or current profession was really meant for you? Have you ever thought that there must be work that you could do that would provide you more fulfillment? Through specially created interview and test you can get these questions answered. You have a purpose and it is unique to you. Finding your purpose will alert you of specific talents that are innate to you and how you can use them in your current profession or they can guide your next career move

Life Coaching

As a Board Certified Life Coach, Sunita uses Neuro-Science to offer Neuro-Science based coaching. Personalized Life Coach Training can allow awareness of thought and behavior patterns and giving the knowledge necessary to get life back on track or take your life to another level.

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